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Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Casa Angelina
Casa Angelina was founded by Ivan and Kimberly Tait of What Matters Ministry and Missions. It is an orphanage in Guatemala. Casa Angelina provides a higher education to raise up Guatemala's future leaders, self-sustainable aquaponics system, earthquake proof buildings, inspiring outings, healthy nutritious meals, complete psychological care, and social rehabilitation. The Water Hole committed to partner with this cause to help in any way that we can. Donations are sent monthly, and teams of workers schedule times to visit the orphanage to help the cause. If you would like to help please donate to The Water Hole.
To find out more information about Casa Angelina please visit

What Matters Ministries and Mission, founded by Ivan Tait, built a center in Nakuru, Kenya in the heart of a slum called Keptembwa. A mid day meal is provided to the school children who would otherwise go hungry. The Water Hole committed to help this cause by sending a monthly donation to help provide the food so that no child goes unfed. If you would like to help please donate to The Water Hole.

Bethany Outreach
Rev. Angelica Carpenter is the founder of Bethany Outreach Ministry in Alamo, TX. The ministry currently has 30 churches and missions in Mexico, a church and cell group in Columbia, and 3 churches and cell groups in the United States. Their goal is to serve the poor, restore the broken, and redeem the lost. The Water Hole supports the 20/20 mission. For $20.20 each month you can help support  a pastor in Mexico that is helping to spread the gospel and reach the lost. If this is on your heart to donate to this cause please designate "20/20" on your donation to The Water Hole.

The Water Hole Radio Broadcast
The Water Hole Radio Broadcast airs weekly on KCTA 1030 AM radio at 8:45am each weekday morning. Tune in to listen to Pastor Robert Richarz, and let Jesus touch your life and set you free. If you would like to support this ministry please make your donations to The Water Hole.

Wynne Goss Ministries
Wynne and Gwen Goss are based out of Wales, England. Wynne and Gwen are dedicated to spreading God's love and teaching throughout their area. They have served Christ for over 40 years and their apostolic ministry encourages and equips people in every part of the world through their TV programs, radio interviews, books, social media outlets, and their itinerant ministry.

Our Missionary Partners

Bethany Outreach Ministry

Rev. Annie Carpenter

Wynne Goss Ministry

Wynne & Gwen Goss

What Matters Ministry & Missions

Ivan & Kimberly Tait

Bethany & Andrew Frazer

Craig & Kendra Rains

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Who We Are

Pastor Robert & Laura Richarz and his family have committed their lives to serve in the ministry. To rescue orphans, help the widows, and bring people to know God's great love. 

What We Do

Pastor Richarz is the head of Living Waters Church in Utopia, Texas, and president of the outreach ministry The Water Hole. His desire to inspire people's lives with God's love is shared on The Water Hole Radio Broadcast throughout South Texas. His continued supported with partnered missions in Kenya & Guatemala has changed lives, and brought the love of Jesus to many hearts. 

What's Different

The heart of people is what you want to look at when you are searching for a ministry to believe in. Through 30 plus years in the ministry The Water Hole's goals and commitments have never changed. Year after year this ministry continues to sow into the lives of people who are in need. Their lives are forever changed and they are set free through God's amazing love.  The Water Hole is blessed to be a vessel to be faithful, be consistent. and never quit.